The mockingjay is  a l i v e.

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The Hush, Hush Saga + Species.

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make me choose:

 swanqueen-is-canon asked Hook or Robin Hood

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once upon a time meme
(1/5) villains » regina mills/the evil queen

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We might as well be lovers on the sun

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“Not everything is about you,” Clary said furiously.
"Possibly," Jace said, "but you do have to admit that the majority of things are.

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Fangirl challenge | [4/10] male characters 

"I prefer dashing rapscallion."

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She has become a beacon of hope for them.

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“I’m a warrior,” he said. “I was brought up as a warrior. I didn’t have toys, I had weapons. I slept with a wooden sword until I was five. My first books were medieval demonologies with illuminated pages. The first songs I learned were chants to banish demons. I know what brings me peace, and it isn’t sandy beaches or chirping birds in rainforests. I want a weapon in my hand and a strategy to win.”

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s h e won’t be able to handle it

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But they keep fighting, they keep coming back. They don’t give up.

That’s what makes them heroes.

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